Launched in 2017 as a community for dance coaches, either brand new or seasoned veterans, this site is designed to help you learn, grow, share, ask questions, and invest in yourself and your team. If you love dance, coaching, performing at high school football games, competition season, national championships, or silly team bonding events then you’ll feel right at home here.

I was a dancer most of my life, competing with local area studios, attending summer apprenticeships with large ballet companies, and finishing my performance career as a professional ballet dancer.  I taught my first dance class at 16 and quickly learned that I was happier behind the scenes; I loved to teach others how to dance, and watch THEM shine on the floor. So during college, I started coaching a local high school team, and continued to coach for 12 years. During my coaching career, I achieved State Champion or State Runner-up 8 times, and my team was consistently among the finalists at the national level, but it was never these accolades that stuck with me. What I’m most proud of are the relationships I’ve created and the life lessons I know I’ve been a part of.

Years down the road, when alumni invite me to their college graduations, weddings, or even baby showers (that makes you feel old!), I know I’ve made a lasting impression. My favorite thing is when I get a simple text from a dancer, years after graduation, telling me why she thought of me and the team that day, what goal she reached and how I helped her get there, or just to say “Hi, I’m thinking about you.” That’s why I coach, and why it’s become such a driving passion in my life. Now that I’ve stepped down from the day-to-day, I’ve transitioned into a new passion: coaching other coaches. I love talking to coaches, offering a listening ear, encouragement, support, and advice when I’m asked.

Dr. Pierotti

Outside of coaching, I love learning and always strive for personal growth. One step on my never-ending path for growth was a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology. My academic specialty is leadership skills and motivation and I want to bring that expertise to every coach out there who also has a desire for personal growth. I hope this site becomes your go-to resource in a world where we are often left to ‘sink or swim’. Especially for dance and cheer coaches, turnover is high. The average high school coach only lasts 2 years and I want to change that. For the coach who is ready to invest his or her time into a team, I can be a voice of encouragement and motivation during what can be a difficult, defeating, challenging, and the very best job there is.

About the Blog

Many people don’t understand why we do what we do, because let’s face it, at pretty much every level we coach because we are PASSIONATE about our sport, not because we make any money or get much credit for our work. I want to share my resources and expertise with other coaches who are as passionate as I am. If you are looking for resources for everything from tryouts and competition season to mental skills like confidence, anxiety control, and motivation, then this site is for you. Coaches who want advice throughout every phase of the season, tools for improving their leadership skills, and a place to chat with someone who knows what it’s like to coach spirit athletes, I’m here for you. I know sometimes you might need help with the day-in and day-out details like tracking finances, communicating with parents, working with an assistant coach, or planning a team banquet. Other times, it’s all about competition season. We all struggle to keep our team motivated, have one girl who always gets too anxious at competitions, or we can’t figure out how to get the most out of our team captains and create the best team culture we could ever ask for. For all of this and more, I’m here for you!

I’ve been through the late night practices, the all day Saturday practices, the long hours of behind the scenes that no one seems to notice or appreciate, the highs of competition success, and the days when you have to dry their tears after a heartbreaking loss. I’ve lived it, taught it, researched it, and now I want to share it.

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