At the beginning of the season, we are usually filled with excitement, renewed passion, and an intense commitment to make this season better than the last.

If you’re a dedicated coach, (and you’re here reading this looking for inspiration, so of course you are) then you probably have a lot of ideas spinning around in your head about all of the changes and improvements you want to make for this season.

Step Back… before you dive in

Take that excitement, pull back a little, and focus before you dive in and start trying to accomplish ALL THE THINGS. 

Take it one step at a time.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired lately. Maybe you got a spark of motivation from your favorite podcast, a coaches conference, or a new leadership book (here’s some ideas if you’re looking for a great book!) The problem for many coaches is we have too many great ideas and we want to implement everything.

While well intentioned, that usually means we do a little bit of everything and nothing with full commitment. 

It’s easy to get inspired by all the great ideas out there and try to take on too much.

This season I challenge you to try something different. Choose ONE value for your season first. One value that will be your central focus.

I was inspired to start doing this in my personal and professional life by the amazing Brene Brown. She has a great list of values you can use to spark ideas here.

Some of the values I have used in the past include: 

Accountability, Balance, Confidence, Connection, Excellence, Growth, Integrity, Perseverance, Risk-taking, Tradition.

What is your #1 value this season?

Before you dive head first into your new season, decide what you value most this year. Is it a year to focus on a better balance (between competition and gameday, or between two styles of dance, or maybe a balance between hard work and fun). Or maybe your team has struggled with confidence so you want to focus on improving that mental skill above everything else.

There’s no wrong answer here, go with your gut and choose a focus. 

What’s your one thing this season? 

Then, list out your ideas of everything you would ideally change this season. 

For example:

  • Train captains and have intentional weekly meetings with them
  • Add new sidelines to football games
  • Change categories at a big competition
  • Add a new workout regimen
  • Go to a choreographed warm-up
  • Improve accountability on the team
  • Add in a gratitude practice and focus on connection

Then looking at your list and your value, CHOOSE ONE thing that will have the biggest impact for your team. It may be hard to do but being restrictive will help you grow. When you get laser focused on what really matters, you will make huge strides in that one area, rather than spreading yourself too thin and not getting anything done well.

Consider this example: If you value excellence, maybe you choose to focus on leadership training so that you have captains and seniors who emulate the excellence you expect on your team and they help everyone on the team rise up to new standards.

Or maybe you value balance between dance styles so you plan to implement a calendar rotation that ensures you train in each style equally.

Whatever you value, focus on the biggest singular change to your season that will keep you focused on that goal. 

It’s like kicking a soccer ball…

I’ve heard this powerful metaphor for trying to do too much at once and getting nowhere… Imagine you are on the goal line of the soccer field. You have six balls and you kick one down the field, run to the next kick it, run to the next and kick it, and so one. You are moving between all of them, constantly trying to get them all moving down the field, working furiously. Maybe you eventually make it, but you waste so much energy and likely run out of time by the end of the season with 6 balls all at different places midfield and nothing across the far goal line. Now, what if you picked ONE ball, and just kept moving that ball (value) forward all season long?

Don’t you think you’d see a bigger difference in your team?

Whatever your big picture goal is, choose one thing that aligns with that goal and stick to that. That’s the most meaningful way to make a change this year.

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