visualization tools

10 Miracle Benefits of Effective Visualization Tools

Many coaches use visualization tools when teaching routines or preparing for a competition, and there’s a good reason. Effective visualization is not just about picturing yourself doing your routine. There are so many ways to visualize and…
breath training

Breath Training: The One Minute 4 Step Solution to Choking Under Pressure

It’s every coach’s nightmare… You’ve been cleaning your routine for months. Spent hours in technique or tumbling classes. Drilled your skills over and over again, and in practice the routine is flawless. You’re ready. The team is READY!…
deliberate practice

How to Coach for Monumental Success: Challenge them with deliberate practice

Where does talent come from? Is it innate or is it from hours and hours of practice? Picture the dancer who is the most skilled performer you have ever seen… how did she get there? I believe it’s a combination of talent and effort. But…
Developing Leadership Skills

Developing Leadership Skills: How to Prepare your Captain to Become an Influential Leader

Choosing a captain is one of the first and sometimes more difficult decisions you make at the beginning of the season. But once the appointment is made, your work has just begun. The process of developing leadership skills in your captains is…
Mental blocks

Mental Toughness Training: Why Do Athletes Get Mental Blocks?

Athletes need mental toughness training just as much as they need physical training. I don’t think that’s a shock to many coaches anymore, it’s a given. The best teams are not necessarily the most talented athletes. They have mastered…
Competition Day

The #1 BEST Advice to Skyrocket Your Team's Competitive Mindset

As dance and cheer coaches, competition day presents unique challenges.  We spend countless hours, days, weeks, and months preparing for 2 – 2:30 minutes on the floor. That’s all we get. There is no best of 7, next quarter, or 2nd half…