mental toughness

4 Mental Toughness Myths Holding You Back From Your Peak Performance

If you’ve ever set goals for your team at the beginning of the season, or encouraged your team to take the floor with confidence, or used visualization before competition then you understand the importance of mental toughness training.  …

Are Your Dancers Dandelions or Orchids?

Dance team can be stressful, and we all handle that stress a little differently. But did you know there are two types of people when it comes to our stress reactions? There are dandelions and there are orchids... Dandelions are resilient.…
resilience training

How to Inspire a Resilient Athlete: Practical Coaching Tips for Resilience Training

Want this content in a podcast?!? Check out Episode 2 of the Passion for Dance Podcast It's competition season and there's a million things going on... but are you thinking about resilience training? During this season many teams have multiple…