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How to Fix the Problem When Dance Team Leaders Don't Step Up

It happens all the time, we select our team leaders for the season, and everything starts off great. We feel confident in the seniors of our program to step up and be the leaders we need. And then… sometimes they fall short. The qualities…
Developing Leadership Skills

Developing Leadership Skills: How to Prepare your Captain to Become an Influential Leader

Choosing a captain is one of the first and sometimes more difficult decisions you make at the beginning of the season. But once the appointment is made, your work has just begun. The process of developing leadership skills in your captains is…
what are the leadership qualities

The 3 Most Important Leadership Qualities to Look for in a Captain

One of the FIRST decisions a coach will make at the beginning of the season is appointing the captain of the team. For many teams, this is somewhat of an automatic decision. It’s the seniors on the team, or the most talented dancer, or the…