personal growth

Coach: Your Simple Ingredients for Personal Growth

Are you focused on your personal growth, Coach? Sure, most of us focus on our team’s goals and what we want for the program. But what about YOU as a coach? Over the last few years I’ve talked about a lot of different ways you can invest…

The Best One-Minute Mindfulness Activity for Dancers

In the days where high schooler students have 32 hours of things to do in a 24-hour day, and college students are expected to do well in school, maintain a job, get an internship, volunteer, and never take a break… we could all learn a little…
breath training

Breath Training: The One Minute 4 Step Solution to Choking Under Pressure

It’s every coach’s nightmare… You’ve been cleaning your routine for months. Spent hours in technique or tumbling classes. Drilled your skills over and over again, and in practice the routine is flawless. You’re ready. The team is READY!…