The Shame of Failing at Work-Life​ Balance

Work-life balance is a myth. Yet there are so many podcasts and books out there about how to balance work and life so that you never feel overwhelmed or guilty. It’s impossible. But not because it’s impossible to balance, but…
breath training

Breath Training: The One Minute 4 Step Solution to Choking Under Pressure

It’s every coach’s nightmare… You’ve been cleaning your routine for months. Spent hours in technique or tumbling classes. Drilled your skills over and over again, and in practice the routine is flawless. You’re ready. The team is READY!…
dance team tryouts

Behind the Scenes of Dance Team Tryouts

I have a love-hate relationship with dance team tryouts. The one day a year that you have to make a final decision on a new team. It always brings excitement, stress, inspiration, and complete dread. I can see the stress on the dancer’s faces,…