Station Cleaning: A Powerful and "Social Distance" Approved Strategy

One thing you can count on every season, you’re going to have to clean your routines. Whether your dance team is game day focused, preparing for a championship, or performing through videos this season, we all want our routines to be as clean…

A Simple Solution to Choosing ​the Right Captain

This is a story about one of my biggest lessons as a coach. The year I learned to choose grit over talent... Nearly 10 years ago at tryouts for my dance team, there was a young incoming freshman just trying to keep up with the crowd. She…
quarantine at home

5 Ways to Nurture Your Coaching Skills in Quarantine

We may be home and away from our teams, and as hard as that is, are you thinking about yourself right now? Or are you being the typical coach who is all consumed and worried about how to best support your team without considering what to do…
Coaching and Mentoring
generation z

Generation Z: Coaching Today’s Athletes

There is no denying that the current generation of athletes is different. Not necessarily good or bad, but they are different. There are some things to consider this season when coaching Generation Z: the advantages, the challenges, and strategies…

7 Meaningful Ways to Help Your Team Through a Tragedy

You’re a coach. That also means you’re a parent, a guidance counselor, a nutritionist, an athletic trainer, a janitor, and even a therapist. Most days we’re used to wearing all those different hats, and even embrace it. I’m happy to…
jodi maxfield

Coach Interview: Jodi Maxfield

30 years as the coach of the BYU Cougarettes Tell me about your background I grew up dancing, I always had a love for dance. I’m quite a bit older than a lot of the coaches who are coaching now, so there weren’t a lot of opportunities…

15 Meaningful Ways To Be A More Motivational Coach

Ever felt discouraged in the midst of intense nationals practices because the team isn’t giving it their all? Or have you started off the season with high hopes for an amazing new team, only to be disappointed later when you don’t reach…