When the time comes to kick off a new season as a dance coach, I always experience a mix of emotions. There’s excitement about the new group of dancers and a clean slate to kick off the year. But there are always those nagging doubts that sneak their way into my mind.

dance coach doubts

While it’s easy to say, “focus on the good” and “you’ve got this” (both of which I believe are good advice) sometimes the doubtful thoughts are louder than the enthusiastic ones. And I want to say, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, how “veteran” you are… we all doubt ourselves sometimes.

The best way to combat those doubts as a dance coach is to realize you’re not the only one who stresses about these things at the beginning of a season. We all do it! So in the spirit of #weareinthistogether I want to share some of the doubts I usually have at the start of a new season. I may not have all of them every year, but no matter what I always had some doubts at the beginning of the season. Some of these may resonate with you more than others. But as coaches, we are human and we are always trying to improve, grow, and do our best. That desire for growth usually comes with the evil twin of doubting our ability to pull it off.

Here are the 10 doubts a dance coach worries about at the beginning of a new season:

  1. I doubt I made the right decision about the team at tryouts, what if I let someone go that I should have kept!?
  2. I doubt I can handle that parent all year
  3. I doubt I have enough time to accomplish everything
  4. I doubt I will be organized enough to stay on top of my duties, something will slip through the cracks
  5. I doubt I can keep the team motivated and focused all year
  6. I doubt I will be good enough to help us reach our competitive goals this year
  7. I doubt I can come up with something new and creative this year (Theme, Music, Choreography, Practice plans, Training ideas, etc.)
  8. I doubt I have enough energy to pull off this season!
  9. I doubt I will be able to inspire everyone to work as hard for our goals as I will
  10. I doubt I can do this alone

Here’s the Truth:

Some of those doubts are probably true and some are not. Here’s what is likely true: you will make mistakes. You will regret a decision or two. A parent will make you crazy. And you will struggle to keep everyone inspired and motivated all season. But that’s ok, you’re still a good coach.

Here’s what’s not true: you will accomplish what you want to if you stay focused and have a plan. You will have enough energy to pull it off (someway, somehow, we always do). And you will create an incredible opportunity for creativity, growth, inspiration, and fun for your team. Bottom line: you are a good dance coach and you are enough.

Don’t let the doubts be louder than your excitement for the season. Especially if we don’t know exactly what this next season will look like. Try not to get caught up in the “what ifs” and “how will I…” for the year. When those doubts sneak it, notice the thought, decide if it’s really true, and then let it go. You are in control of your own thoughts, so fill your mind with positive affirmations and believe in yourself. You are enough.

If you’re looking for some other great resources to start off your season strong, here are a few ideas from the Passionate Coach Archives:

Check out: How to Write a Coaching Philosophy. The best way to have a drama-free, focused, and motivated season is to make every decision from a foundational coaching philosophy.

Captain Leadership Training – don’t just name the captains and let it be. Help them be the leaders you want! (Lots more on this coming your way in MAY!)

Add some fun Team Building Games to your practices

Start a Journaling Practice with your team. Bring everyone closer and set the tone of motivation and intention for the season

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