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While most people are setting New Year’s Resolutions, we are all deep into our season and it may feel like a strange time to do some goal setting. But I say, it’s a perfect time. Whether you set goals at the beginning of the season or not, a mid-season goal review is an important part of your team’s path to success this season.

Are You Making Progress?

If you did the work to set goals at the beginning of your season, have you looked at them since? Have those big goals been on the forefront of your mind as you make practice plans each week?

If you’re like most coaches, the answer is something like, “I meant to but…”

Goals are easy to brainstorm and visualize at the beginning of the season. But by now you may be a few competitions in and had a major obstacle (or several) thrown your way like an injury on your team or a dancer suddenly moving away because of a parent’s new job. 

So why stop and think about goals now? Because there is still time to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It’s Never Too Late

Even if you are only weeks away from the national championship, there is no time like the present to get razer focused on your goals.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

Author – Napoleon Hill

If you feel like you will have time later, or focus on goals next year, don’t wait. Don’t let the last few weeks or months of your season pass by without renewed intention and a clear action plan to move you closer to your goals.

Take Action On Your Goals:

Here’s the basic overview of how this works.

  1. Pull out your goals from the beginning of the season and actually take a hard look at them! (Need help setting goals in the first place? Click here, I’ve got you covered.)
  2. Reflect on where you really stand with your goals today. Be honest, reflect on the good and the bad. 
  3. Rewrite your goals using the D.A.N.C.E. goal method so that you know exactly what you need to do.  (Click here to learn how…)
  4. Continue tracking and make progress! (And if you fell short of tracking your goals during the first half of the season, maybe your revised goal #1 should be to regularly assess the other goals!)

Work through it as a team…

I highly encourage you to not just do this yourself, but to spend some time as a team working on your goal review.  You can even add a visualization into the process to make it a fun team event. Visualize what achieving your #1 goal will feel like. Where are you standing? When will you know? What emotions will you be feeling? Visualize the celebration. What will your banquet be like at the end of the season if you achieve this goal?

There’s a lot of value in taking time to do a mid-season goal check in, so I hope you’ll invest in yourself and your team and take action. To help you, you can download this simple workbook to get thinking along the right direction and making plans for the remainder of your season.

Good luck Coach, you’ve got this!




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